My Intention

To bring beauty into everyone's lives with the highest level of love, kindness, talent, thoughtfulness, elegance, and grace adding joy from my heart to theirs, 

with the way I am, with what I create and with how I make them feel. 


BLUEM (pronounced bloom) stems from my love of nature and anything sweet.  

I choose to believe that every day brings an opportunity to celebrate life’s biggest moments, its littlest wins & everything in between. My desserts are made with the purest quality organic ingredients, adorned with wildly fragrant and vibrant garden beauties, and as any baker worth her salt knows, love.

True beauty is found within your heart. Beauty is when you use your gifts to brighten the lives of others. It's in how you carry yourself. It's in the way you get back up when you have fallen. It’s the smile you give to a stranger. Beauty is when you fully embrace the beautiful creature God created you to be.

Beauty is when you shine from the inside out.

Blueberry, my border collie is the leading force of beauty in my life. She doesn’t care what I look like or what mistakes I’ve made, she just loves. Blue is my inspiration for my business, BLUEM.

I began baking three years ago with no prior experience. I wanted to gift my mom something very unique for her birthday, so I baked her an organic olive oil cake from scratch and decorated it with the most fragrant beauties from my garden. Once I shared it on my instagram, I started getting orders and opened my business the following year.

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