All olive oil cakes are prepared using organic, premium ingredients and are elegantly decorated with nature-inspired garden beauties.

I work closely with each client to ensure their satisfaction with the final product. 

All baking is bespoke

Custom cakes with floral decor range from $95 up to $3500+ for events.

Naked cakes without decor are available.

Listed pricing does not include candles/sparklers/toppers, tax or delivery.


Rosemary Lemon

Blueberry Lemon




4" Double Layer Cake starts at $95

6" Double Layer Cake starts at $175

8" Double Layer Cake starts at $225

9" Double Layer Cake starts at $250

11" Double Layer Cake starts at $475

100% organic beeswax BLUEM cake candles made with organic garden petals and greens 

from the home of Jenefer Taylor

Smash Cake

All cakes can be made gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free.


Desserts made in home kitchen are made on shared equipment.

While desserts can be made gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free, they are baked in a home kitchen that is not gluten-free certified. Clients should note that gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free desserts may come in contact with gluten and/or animal products despite efforts to avoid cross-contamination.


"I've never found a cake that is gluten and dairy free that truly tastes like a normal cake, until I tried this one. Not only was it the best I've ever had, it was also the most beautifully decorated cake I've ever seen!! 

The attention to detail and the heart that was put into this cake was so unmatched. I will never buy another cake anywhere else!"

Libby G.

(Pepperdine Student)

As a Pepperdine Alum, I offer a 10% discount for all Pepperdine students.

Must present student ID.

All olive oil cakes are made using Garcia De La Cruz Olive Oil from Spain.

From olives harvested at the peak of their ripeness, this versatile blend of organic EVOO from Spain, adds a rich and beautiful flavor to every cake. 


"These are one of a kind handcrafted artisanal cakes. The cakes are absolutely beautiful and delicious and unique. 

Jenefer is wonderful to work with and can make anything you want. The cake is the highlight of the party. 

Everyone celebrating will be wowed!"

Susan U.

"I create beauty in all I do."

Made in a Home Kitchen

"Class A" Cottage License

County of Los Angeles


Disclaimer: Certain decor may contain inedible florals and greens.

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