" Might actually be the best cake I've ever tasted. I went home and said to my boyfriend, 

'I know we're not engaged yet but I've found our wedding cake.' "


"I would not shut up about this cake at our wedding. 

My bride thought I was already very intoxicated but it was all from the insane flavor of this cake.

Best wedding cake I've ever had the honor of tasting and so happy it was at OUR wedding!"


"These are one of a kind handcrafted artisanal cakes. The cakes are absolutely beautiful and delicious and unique. 

Jenefer is wonderful to work with and can make anything you want. The cake is the highlight of the party. 

Everyone celebrating will be wowed!"


"A decadent twist to a classic cake combination. Not only visually stunning but transcendent in flavor. 

By far the best cake I've ever had." 


"Spongy and rich, the icing was f**ing fantastic!"


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